Friday, September 11, 2009

MAX: "Tails" From a Crafty Dog & His Animal Friends

Please meet my friend "Ike", yes I know that he is a cat; but that's alright he is pretty much in the same predicament that I am. You see his mother (Cindi Bisson) is a "crafter" too! Here is his advice for me:
"When my mom is in one of her creative frenzies and not paying enough attention to my handsome fabulousness, I find that sprawling my 18 lbs. of bulk on top of whatever she is working on works well.”
Hummmmm that could work but I only weigh 6lbs!
Licks and paws,

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  1. Hi Ana, I just popped in to say thank you! I am the lucky winner of the first When Creativity Knocks Great Crafter’s Tool Hunt! Wooo Hooo, this is a really awesome prize, thanks for making it possible. ~Diane