Monday, September 21, 2009

Megan Has Been Making Talk Show Circuit

Well, our Megan has been living in North Hollywood for three weeks now, job hunting and making the rounds to all the talk shows.

Last week she went to the season opener of The Ellen Degeneres Show. After the show ended Ellen came out and told them to sit tight because Friday’s guest segment with Katherine Heigl was going to be taped. So, like a good Mom, I DVR both shows. As Ellen introduced Katherine, the audience went crazy and, as the sound died down, whose “Ya Hoo” did I hear? You got it…Megan’s. Like any mother lion, I can always pick out my cub’s roar!

Another week passed, no luck with the job-hunting, so, off to the Chelsea Lately Show. With Chelsea Handler’s book, Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea in hand, Megan and her roommate, Laurel, went to the show.

Again, I could pick out Megan’s laugh from the audience. As the show wrapped up, Chelsea walks over to Megan to sign her book! Yes, there she was, right in the front row, shaking Chuy’s hand and Chelsea’s hand after she handed the book back to her!

Hmmmmm, that girl is making the rounds!

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